what my clients are saying

H A P P Y 


Jamie S | Buyer
"Look no further, you have found the perfect agent in Heather! When my family was looking to buy a home after ours sold within hours, Heather came into the picture with the impossible task of finding us our dream home and help us close within 30 days. She not only did just that, but so much more! Heather was so attentive to our search and made us feel like we were her only clients. She took us to every house we wanted to see and was so knowledgeable about EVERY neighborhood we went to, even though we were looking in multiple cities. When the time came to when we didn’t think we’d find a house and close by the time we needed to be out of our current home, she reached out to colleagues and found us our dream home that wasn’t even on the market yet. She did her research to make sure we were putting in a smart offer on the house. She also made sure we were informed about the entire process and was always there to answer any questions we had. Heather also has all the amazing resources you need to to complete the process. She set us up with a fantastic lawyer and a thorough home inspector. We would have been lost finding these important pieces of the puzzle on our own. You will not be disappointed when working with Heather. She has everything you need to find your dream home."

David & Kelley L | Seller
"Heather was very enthusiastic about our home and really made us feel that her marketing strategy was going to be very successful. The entire process went very smoothly working with Heather, and we couldn't be happier about accepting an offer the day after listing. Heather is an elite broker with great knowledge and extremely personable. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Ashe K | Seller
"Heather was amazing to work with! I would recommend her to anyone that I know looking for a place."

Katie S | Buyer
"As first time home buyers, Heather Bejda was very helpful, resourceful, and guided us through the entireprocess. Heather was fun to work with and patient, which eased the stress of the process. She helped us find a wonderful house that fit all of our needs!"

Denise R | Seller
"Thank you so much for leaving me in Great hands. Heather has been very attentive, responsive and dependable! You have a remarkable team member and I want to personally thank you both!"

James C | Seller
"Heather was very attentive and thorough return calls and emails very promptly answered any and all questions thoroughly and in a manner that was easy to understand she was great."

Stephanie O| Buyer
"Heather was very responsive, friendly and helpful throughout the home buying process. In addition to showing us every home that we requested, she was able to provide us with all the resources needed to get us through the closing process without a hitch; she never let us down. When you are looking for someone who knows the entire home buying process, look no further than Heather! We have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family (including the team that she recommends you work with!!) "

Kristy K | Buyer
"Heather is great. Very personable and very helpful. She did a wonderful job always being available ASAP when something came on the market we wanted to see."

Kevin D | Buyer
"Heather did a tremendous job finding our home and using her patience while we were looking. She really puts her passion into home searching and that can be felt and we are proud to work with her!"

Jean Paul L | Buyer
"Heather Bejda was excellent to work with in finding my home. Even though this was business she made feel like I was working with a friend. Nice work and thank you." 

Gigi K | Buyer
"Absolutely phenomenal realtor! Made our first-time home-buying experience seamless. Took care of absolutely everything, all we had to do was show up. She is honest, sincere, and doesn’t have that sleazy salesman vibe you sometimes get with realtors. Cannot say enough good things about her."

Heather & Josh V | Buyer
"Heather Bejda is an incredible realtor. My husband and I cannot begin to say how grateful we are for her help. We were presented with many unforeseen challenges throughout our home buying process, and Heather helped us navigate through every roadblock. To begin with, Heather impressed me with how well she listened when we described what we were looking for in a house. She understood exactly what we wanted and was able to provide us with a good number of great options. We moved into the area from another state, so we relied heavily on Heather's knowledge of the market and the area. We knew from our first day out looking at houses that Heather was a local expert and knew everything about the town, down to the school district boundaries and what neighborhoods we would want to move to. Heather is also very friendly and easy to talk to. She is down to earth and enjoyable to be around. We never got the feeling that Heather wasn’t up for showing us more properties if we wanted to (she even offered to show more just to make sure we had checked out all our options), and she made herself available for questions at a moment’s notice. Heather was excellent at addressing our questions (of which there were many), but she did more than just answer questions. Heather is focused on solutions, and she will investigate any possible option before giving up the towel. We can honestly say that without her solution-based mindset, we would not be in this awesome house that we love today. Heather’s knowledge of real estate gives her an incredible edge, and makes her an invaluable asset to anyone buying or selling. I firmly believe that if Heather can’t make it work, then it must be impossible! For context, my background with buying and selling houses has been very negative and full of stress. That would not be the case if Heather Bejda had been our realtor in the past. When I would start to get overwhelmed, Heather’s calm assurance would get me back on track. She is super positive, intelligent, friendly, and capable. Another important aspect to our success was the effective way in which Heather worked with a great team of professionals to get our deal accomplished. Her productive and successful working relationship with other professional colleagues shows how much she is respected in the industry. Heather was able to keep us informed at every step, get our deal closed as soon as possible, and I could count on her to have communicated everything that needed to be done with all the right people. Lastly, Heather was thoughtful to leave a Welcome Home gift for us, and follow-up notes. We honestly don’t think anyone could ask for more in a realtor. Heather Bejda is top-notch, the best you can get!!"

Rochelle S | Buyer
"I had a lot of very unique needs to meet in the purchase of my very first home. Heather understood and took my needs and helped me find the perfect place. She helped me through every step of the way, making this an easy, pleasant, and exciting process. We immediately connected and I thank her for eveything she did every step of the way! Thank you Heather, for everything!"

WNSR | Buyer
"Heather is an amazing realtor to work with. She goes above and beyond no matter what. She is innovative, helpful and very understanding. We relocated out of state and she managed the sale of our house without us being present. She even offered to assist with spring yard clean up since we were already gone. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Sarah G | Buyer
"Heather Bejda is an outstanding real estate agent. She is first and foremost the most knowledgeable real estate agent that I’ve come across. She has the patience of a saint when it came down to us looking at multiple homes. She explained in great detail on what the home offers and if it is worth the amount the seller is asking for. She went into great lengths in paying attention to detail; for instance, I would see all the positives in a house whereas, she would look at all the imperfections and things that would possibly need to be fixed/changed soon. Her great thinking about looking at the negatives on certain things helped me come back to reality form house hunting heaven and get the real facts on a home and what I’d be getting for my money. Heather was always a phone call, email, or text away if I had any questions at all. She was also the glue to the communication between the lender and my attorney and the sellers. The whole process of buying our first home seemed like such a scary thought, but we had a strong, intelligent, and down to earth real estate agent who made the process easy to understand and the fear of committing to a home less stressful. I strongly recommend Heather simply because she is a person you can depend on for any questions or concerns and she has a wealth of knowledge in the business of home buying."